• Thermography can detect subtle changes in body

    Beth Roessner, The Desert Sun 5:38 p.m. PDT May 28, 2014

    full-bodyLu Molberg of Palm Springs is a firm believer in alternative medicine. Through research and pursuing treatments that aligned with her beliefs, Molberg became an informed health care consumer. Taking control of her health has been empowering, she said.

    “You do have to have trust in health care,” said Molberg, “but most of all you have to have trust in yourself to make the right decisions.”

    Now in her 70s, Molberg stays healthy by monitoring the energy aspects of her body, teaching t’ai chi and staying current on her health care appointments.

    One practice that Molberg subscribes to is thermography — a non-invasive, full-body infrared scan that can help detect any changes in her body on a physiological level. Conventional practices like mammography have their place, but thermography, she said, is the path of least resistance.

    “You’re able to relate to a person and not a machine,” Molberg said. [Read More…]

  • When a Train is not a Boat, and a Row Boat is not a Luxury Liner

    Why Mammography cannot be compared with breast thermography.
    Author: Dr. Hillary Smith

    I have recently seen the media go crazy with a study that was done at Bryn Mawr Hospital comparing mammography and thermography for breast cancer detection. The thermal images in the study failed to impress those conducting the study. And so we see multiple headlines about mammography being superior to thermography.

    Thermography and mammography are not the same. A train is not a boat.

    I wish the status quo would stop trying to put a train on the water and a boat on the tracks. Each vehicle has its own purpose and strengths.

    Thermography is a radiation free test of physiology looking at very early changes in the tissue. Mammography is an x-ray looking at structure or what has already developed. Only a biopsy can diagnose breast cancer.

    We need to change our thinking about breast screening and accept the addition of early, non toxic screening in order to give women the opportunity for lifestyle changes, very early intervention and safe screenings for all women including young women with dense breasts.

    As thermographers, we are on the health side. We need to take our honorable place in women’s health care. We are not mammograms. We are a boat, not a train.

    Now about boats. The thermography used in the “study” was a computer generated diagnosis with information garnered from industrial cameras.
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